<h2> Shag Club Lounge Hall Of Fame Contest </h2>
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STEP # 1

Decide which shag lounge your club feels should be nominated for the Shag Lounge Hall of Fame Contest.

The lounge you choose may not be in Shag Arts gallery at this time; we are creating new lounge prints continually.

If Shag Art has not created a print of the lounge you would like to nominate, SEND US A PHOTOGRAPH, or A HAND- SKETCHED VERSION AND DESCRIPTION.

Shag Art will create a print of the lounge of your choice and return your photo with a complimentary print of your nominated lounge.

Review the shag lounges currently completed in Shag Arts gallery at the following Internet web site: http://members.tripod.com/shag5
STEP # 2

Write a brief history/story about the shag lounge you nominate.

Your history should include the owners name and approximate date it opened. If the lounge is currently closed, please include the dates it opened and closed.

The content should describe how the lounge contributed or is still contributing to the growth and development of shag/dancing.

In the final judging process, the most weight will be given to the history and/or contributions that a shag lounge has provided to perpetuate the growth and development of shag/dancing.

STEP # 3

Have your members cast their votes for the lounge they feel should be the winner.

Send your ballot/vote totals, history, and photograph/sketch (if not already in Shag Arts Gallery) to the following address:

SHAG ART P. O. Box 9158 North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582 or


A running total of all votes will be placed on Shag Arts internet site as well as other internet sites linked to Shag Art.

The winning shag clubs or association will receive three (3) shag club lounge prints of their choice from Shag Arts gallery.

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