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"We're all going in circles, different versions are abound as to what the "real shag" is
and how it came around.

You hear quite a different story from each group that you meet, all quite enlightened and
supplying the answers you seek.

The survey is finished and the answers have been found, after talking with everyone we could in
each and every town.

The shag has been danced from the forties to the nineties, the jitterbug was its foundation,
no ifs, buts, or maybes.

Count it, shuffle it, or just let your body feel the beat, you can free style or be comtemporary -
any way is really neat.

So hang in there shaggers, and have the time of your life, the name of the game is fun - whether
you start on your left or right."

Quoted from Shag Time Magazine - 1982

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