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Our Mission to record and preserve in art form the shag club lounges of the past and present, and to honor the shag club lounge owners that have had the courage and commitment to shagging to take a risk, and open their hearts and lounges. Shag club lounges provide a place for each of us to dance, for instructors to teach and promote the growth of shagging, and to form new friendships as well as renew old ones. It is sad to see a shag club lounge close because it is a part of the history of shagging and the fun and good times that can only be recorded in the memories of the shaggers who were there.

We plan to artistically illustrate the past and present shag club lounges in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and other areas. Through our art it will be our commitment to preserve, record, and honor the lounges of the past and present so that all shaggers can enjoy a visual reminder of the places we enjoy so very much; they are and should be more than just a faded memory.

If you have photographs of any of your old "shag haunts" that you would like to see preserved in art form, please mail them; the photographs will be returned to you. ...Or give us a call or email us; we'll talk. We hope you like our art because each print brought back wonderful memories, and therefore was a labor of love. For information on how to obtain a print, please see information on the link below.

Email Shag Art For Information On How To Obtain Prints