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Christmas Special Sale

Shag Art has produced an artistic history in print of shag club lounges in the South.
These unique prints are available at a special price for our Christmas Sale - and as an
added bonus, buy two prints and get one free.

In addition to the prints, it is our pleasure to offer custom-designed tee shirts, sweat
shirts and denim shirts with Shag Art prints. We can place your logo, custom designs,
our prints or individual photographs you may have on these clothing items for you,
your friends, your company, or your shag club. See details on our site.

We are also offering a unique custom-made line of jewelery. See our jewelery site
for Christmas Specials.

New For Christmas is our Personal and Business Card Design Program. We custom
make these cards based on your theme or ideas.

Christmas Sale

Shag Prints


Business Cards

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